MCS-015: Communication Skills

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BLOCK 1: Skills Needed at the Work Place-I

Unit 1 : The Process of Communication

Introduction: What is Communication?, The Process of Communication, Barriers to Communication, Different Types of Communication , Written vs. Oral Communication, Different Types of Face-to-Face Interactions, Characteristics and Conventions of Conversation, Conversational Problems of Second/Foreign Language Users, Difference between Conversation and Other Speech Events

Unit 2 : Telephone Techniques

Warm Up, Speaking and Listening: Commonly Used Phrases in Telephone Conversations, Reading: Conference Calls, Vocabulary, Writing and Listening: Leaving a Message, Grammar and Usage: The Perfect Tenses, Pronunciation: Contracted Forms

Unit 3 : Job Applications and Interviews

Warm up, Reading, Vocabulary: Apply for a Job, Curriculum Vitae, Language Focus: Some Useful Words, Study Skills: Preparing for an Interview, Listening, Speaking, Writing

Unit 4 : Group Discussions

Reading, Writing Skills, Listening: How to be Successful in a Group Discussion, Study Skills, Language Focus, Vocabulary, Speaking, Grammar: Connectives, Pronunciation

Unit 5 : Managing Organisational Structure

Warm Up: Ability to Influence and Lead, Reading: The Role of a Manager, Vocabulary: Leadership, Speaking and Listening, Language Focus: Degree of Probability, Grammar: Modals, Writing: Reports, Pronunciation 27

Unit 6 : Meetings

Reading: A Successful Meeting, Speaking: One to One Meetings, Language Focus: Opening, Middle and Close, Study Skills: Editing, Listening: Criteria for Successful Meetings, Vocabulary, Grammar: Reporting Verbs, Writing: Memos, Pronunciation: Stress According to Part of Speech

Unit 7 : Taking Notes and Preparing Minutes

Taking Notes, The Note-taking Skill: The Essential Components, The Note-taking Skill: An Example Preparing Minutes, Format of Minutes, Language and Style of Minutes, Grammar: Using the Passive Voice

Unit 8 : Presentation Skills-I

Reading: Presentation Skills, Grammar: Verbs often required in Presentations, Language Focus, Listening: Importance of Body Language in Presentations, Speaking: Preparing an Outline of a Presentation, Pronunciation

Unit 9 : Presentation Skills-II

Reading: Structure of Presentation, Study Skills: Visual Aids, Ending the Presentation, Language Focus: Talking about Increase and Decrease, Grammar: Prepositions, Listening: Podium Panic, Speaking, Pronunciation: Emphasizing the Important Words in Context

Unit 10 : Negotiation Skills

Language Focus: Idiomatic Expressions, Study Skills: Process of Negotiations, Grammar: Phrasal Verbs, Listening: Effective Negotiations, Speaking, Writing