ES-334: Education and Society

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Block-1 Instructional Planning In Teaching of English

Unit-1 Nature, Need and Objectives

Unit-2 Who are the Learners of Language?

Unit-3 Approaches, Methods and Techniques in English Language Teaching (ELT)

Unit-4 Daily Lesson Plans : Strategies for Classroom Transaction

Block-2 Listening Comprehension and Speaking

Unit-5 Teaching Listening-I

Unit-6 Teaching Listening-II

Unit-7 Developing Speaking/Oral Skills

Unit-8 Speaking Activities

Unit-9 Testing Listening Ability and Listening Comprehension

Unit-10 Testing Speaking Skills

Block-3 Reading Comprehension

Unit-11 The Reading Process

Unit-12 Developing Reading Skills

Unit-13 Reading Comprehension-I

Unit-14 Reading Comprehension-II

Unit-15 Teaching Vocabulary

Block-4 Teaching Writing and Grammar

Unit-16 The Writing Process

Unit-17 Different Types of Writing

Unit-18 Teaching Study Skills

Unit-19 Teaching Grammar: New Type Activities and Games

Unit-20 Improving and Assessing Writing Ability

Unit-21 Testing Grammar and Usage