ES-343:Teaching of Social Studies

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Block- 1 Pedagogy of Teaching Social Studies

Unit-1 Nature, Objectives and Approaches to Teaching Social Studies

Unit-2 Instructional Inputs in Social Studies

Unit-3 Instructional Process in Social Studies

Unit-4 Evaluation in Social Studies

Block- 2 Teaching of History

Unit-5 Ancient Civilizations - Indus Valley Civilization

Unit-6 Beginning of Modern Age - Geographical Discoveries

Unit-7 Cultural heritage of India

Unit-8 Indian Awakening

Block- 3 Teaching of Geography

Unit-9 Tools of Teaching Geography

Unit-10 Natural Environment

Unit-11 Human Interaction with Environment

Unit-12 India's Physical Features, Climate, Natural Vegetation and Wild Life

Block- 4 Teaching of Economics and Civics

Unit-13 Natural Resources and their Utilization

Unit-14 Infrastructure of Indian Economy

Unit-15 An Overview of Indian Economy

Unit-16 India as a Nation