ES-342:Teaching of Mathematics

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Block- 1 Nature, Objectives and Approaches to Teaching of Mathematics

Unit-1Nature, Need and Place of Mathematics in School Curriculum

Unit-2 Approaches and Techniques of Teaching Mathematics

Unit-3 Planning for Effective Instruction of Mathematics

Unit-4 Evaluation in Mathematics

Block- 2 Teaching Arithmetic and Commercial Mathematics

Unit-5 Number System, Exponents and Logarithms

Unit-6 Elementary Number Theory

Unit-7 Percent (I) Application to Everyday Activities

Unit-8 Percent (II) Commercial Mathematics

Unit-9 Statistics : Averages, Graphic Representation and Classification of Data

Block- 3 Teaching Algebra and Computing

Unit-10 Polynomials : Basic Concepts and Factoring

Unit-11 Linear Equations and Inequalities : Graphs and Quadratic Equations

Unit-12 Sets, Relations, Functions and Graphs

Unit-13 Sequencing, Flow Charting and Computing

Block- 4 Teaching Geometry and Trigonometry

Unit-14 Basic Concepts, Parallel Lines and Parallelogram

Unit-15 Congruence and Construction of Triangles

Unit-16 Mensuration : Area and Volume

Unit-17 Triangles and its Applications to Trigonometry