MCSL-016: Internet Concepts and Web Design (Lab Course)

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BLOCK 1: Scripting Languages

Unit 1 : The Internet

Classification of Networks, Networking Models, What is Packet Switching, Accessing the Internet, Internet Protocols, Internet Protocol (IP), Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Internet Address, Structure of Internet Servers Address, Address Space, How does the Internet work, Intranet & Extranet, Internet Infrastructure, Protocols and Services on Internet, Domain Name System, SMTP and Electronic Mail, Http and World Wide Web, Usenet and Newgroups, FTP, Telnet, Internet Tools, Search Engines, Web Browser.

Unit 2 : Introduction to HTML

What is HTML, Basic Tags of HTML, HTML Tag, TITLE Tag, BODY Tag, Formatting of Text, Headers, Formatting Tags, PRE Tag, FONT Tag, Special Characters, Working with Images, META Tag.

Unit 3 : Advanced HTML

Links, Anchor tag, Lists, Unordered Lists, Ordered Lists, Definition Lists, Tables, TABLE, TR and TD Tags, Cell Spacing and Cell Padding, Colspan and Rowspan, Frames, Frameset, FRAME Tag, NOFRAMES Tag, Forms, FORM and INPUT Tag, Text Box, Radio Button, Checkbox, SELECT Tag and Pull Down Lists, Hidden, Submit and Reset, Some Special Tags, COLGROUP, THREAD, TBODY, TFOOT, _blank, _self, _parent, _top, IFRAME, LABEL, Attribute for <SELECT>, TEXTAREA

Unit 4 : Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript Variables and Data Types, Declaring Variables, Data Types, Statements and Operators, Control Structures, Conditional Statements, Loop Statements, Object-Based Programming, Functions, Executing Deferred Scripts, Objects, Message box in JavaScript, Dialog Boxes, Alert Boxes, Confirm Boxes, Prompt Boxes, JavaScript with HTML, Events, Event Handlers, Forms, Forms Array

Unit 5 : VB Script

What is VBScript? Adding VBScript Code to an HTML Page, VB Script Basics, VBScript Data Types, VBScript Variables, VBScript Constants, VBScript Operators, Using Conditional Statements, Looping Through Code, VBScript Procedures, VBScript Coding Conventions, Dictionary Object in VBScript, Methods: VBScript Dictionary Object, VBScript Dictionary Object Properties, Err Object, Methods: VBScript Err Object, Properties: VBScript Err Object

Unit 6 : Dreamweaver

Using Dreamweaver, Create a Site Home Page, Design a Page in Layout View, Insert Images, Insert Text, Work in Standard View, View the Site Files, Link your Documents

BLOCK 2: Lab Manual

Section 1: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

Basic of HTML

How to Create HTML Document

Steps for Creating a Simple HTML Program 43

Section 2: Advanced HTML

Advanced Topics of HTML

Section 3: JavaScript

Script Basics

Incorporating JavaScript into a Web Page

Section 4: VBScript

VBScript Basics

Incorporating VBScript into HTML Page

Section 5: Dreamweaver

How to Work in Dreamweaver??

How to save your file?

Adding Layers to the Timepne and Giving Motion to the Layer

Inserting Scripts

Inserting External Media in the Web Page

Adding SSI(Server-side include to the Page)

Adding CSS Style to your Page

Adding XML Files to your Page

To Export a Dreamweaver Document as XML File, checking entries, working in frames, windows control, the Java script URL.