MCS-021: Data and File structures

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BLOCK 1: Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures

Unit 1 : Analysis of Algorithms

Mathematical Background, Process of Analysis, Calculation of Storage Complexity, Calculation of Run Time Complexity 31

Unit 2 : Arrays

Arrays and Pointers, Sparse Matrices, Polynomials, Representation of Arrays, Row Major Representation, Column Major Representation, Applications

Unit 3 : Lists

Abstract Data Type-List, Array Implementation of Lists, Linked Lists-Implementation, Doubly Linked Lists-Implementation, Circularly Linked Lists-Implementation, Applications

BLOCK 2: Stacks, Queues and Trees

Unit 4 : Stacks

Abstract Data Type-Stack, Implementation of Stack, Implementation of Stack using Arrays, Implementation of Stack using Linked Lists, Algorithmic Implementation of Multiple Stacks, Applications

Unit 5 : Queues

Abstract Data Type-Queue, Implementation of Queue, Array Implementation, Linked List Implementation, Implementation of Multiple Queues, Implementation of Circular Queues, Array Implementation, Linked List Implementation of a circular queue, Implementation of DEQUEUE, Array Implementation of a dequeue, Linked List Implementation of a dequeueI

Unit 6 : Trees

Abstract Data Type-Tree, Implementation of Tree, Tree Traversals, Binary Trees, Implementation of Binary Tree, Binary Tree Traversals, Recursive Implementation of Binary Tree Traversals, Non Recursive Implementations of Binary Tree Traversals, Applications

BLOCK 3: Graph Algorithms and Searching Techniques

Unit 7 : Advanced Trees

Binary Search Trees, Traversing a Binary Search Trees, Insertion of a node into a Binary Search Tree, Deletion of a node from a Binary Search Tree, AVL Trees, Insertion of a node into an AVL Tree, Deletion of a node from and AVL Tree, AVL tree rotations, Applications of AVL Trees, B-Trees, Operations on B-Trees , Applications of B-Trees

Unit 8 : Graphs

Definitions, Shortest Path Algorithms, Dijkstra�s Algorithm, Graphs with Negative Edge costs, Acyclic Graphs, All Pairs Shortest Paths Algorithm, Minimum cost Spanning Trees, Kruskal�s Algorithm, Prims�s Algorithm, Applications, Breadth First Search , Depth First Search, Finding Strongly Connected Components

Unit 9 : Searching

Linear Search, Binary Search, Applications

BLOCK 4: File Structures and Advanced Data Structures

Unit 10 : Sorting

Internal Sorting, Insertion Sort, Bubble Sort, Quick Sort, 2-way Merge Sot, Heap Sort, Sorting on Several Keys 32

Unit 11 : Advanced Data Structures

Splay Trees, Splaying steps, Splaying Algorithm, Red-Black trees, Properties of a Red- Black tree, Insertion into a Red-Black tree, Deletion from a Red-Black tree, AA-Trees

Unit 12 : File Structures

Terminology, File Organisation, Sequential Files, Structure, Operations, Disadvantages, Areas of use, Direct File Organisation, Indexed Sequential File Organisation