BCS-055: Business Communication

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BLOCK 1: Business Social Skills and the Recruitment Process

Unit 1 : Greetings & Introduction Greetings and Small talk

Unit 2 : Company Profiles/Jobs and Responsibilities Business Organisations, Jobs and Responsibilities

Unit 3 : Getting Ready for the Job Market and Organising a Portfolio Preparing a Portfolio.

Unit 4 : Responding to Advertisements Writing a CV/Resume, Covering Letter, Accepting & Declining Job Offers.

BLOCK 2: Interviews

Unit 1 : Preparing for Interviews Preparing for Interviews,

Unit 2 : Facing Interviews How to face interviews, Star Structure

Unit 3 : Phone and Walk-in-Interviews How to face Phone Interviews

Unit 4 : Group Discussions Essential requirements for GD, How are GD different from Conversation and Debates.

BLOCK 3: Business Writing

Unit 1 : Features of Written & Oral Communication Making a choice, In Company Communication: notices, notes, messages, memos, emails etc.

Unit 2 : External Communication Types of Letters, faxes, emails, Conventions & Practices.

Unit 3 : Writing Reports Types of reports Informative & analytical, Contents & Structures.

Unit 4 : Writing Proposals Basic Features, Types of proposals 50

BLOCK 4 : Cross Cultural Communication

Unit 1 : Communication Across Cultures Culture in Business Communication, Cultural Aspects of behavior at meetings in the US, Cultural Profile of India

Unit 2 : Business Travel Preparation for business travel, International travel, do�s and don�t of business travel, how to avoid travel related problems, travel itineraries, making arrangements

Unit 3 : Business Events What are business events, the importance of business events, planning for business events, vocabulary associated with business events, polite expressions, writing an e-mail to expo organizers