BCS-052: Network Programming and Administration

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BLOCK 1: TCP/IP Protocols

Unit 1 : Introduction to TCP/IP

Origin of TCP/IP and Internet, Communication ,Why do we Need the Internet, Need of Protocol on Communication, Problems in Computer Communication, Dealing with Incompatibility, A Brief History of the Internet, Architecture of the Internet, TCP/IP Layer and Protocols, Network Access Layer, Internet Layer, Need for IP Address, Classes of IP Address, Special Meanings, Who Decides the IP Addresses, Internet Protocol, Address Resolution Protocol (ARP),Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP), Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), Transport Layer, Transmission Control Protocol, User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Application Layer, Electronic Mail, Domain Name System (DNS), How does the DNS Server Works? Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Remote Login: TELNET, World Wide Web: HTTP, Networking Example

Unit 2 : Internet Protocol

Overview of Internet Protocol, IP Header, IP Address, IP Address Classes, Subnet Masks and CIDR Networks (Classless IP Addresses), Internet-Legal Versus Private Addressing, IP Routing, Routing Protocol, Routing Algorithms

Unit 3 : Transport Layer Protocols

Overview of TCP, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), TCP Header, TCP Connection Establishment and Termination, TCP Connection Establishment, TCP Connection Termination, User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

Unit 4 : Application Layer Protcols

Domain Name System (DNS), Hierarchical Name Space, Domain Servers, How does DNS Work in Internet, Domain Name Resolution, Messages Used in DNS, Dynamic DNS (DDNS), Electronic Mail, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP),Message Transfer Agent, User Agent, Post Office Protocol (POP), Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP),Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME), Telnet , File Transfer Protocol (FTP). 46

BLOCK 2: Fundamentals of TCP/IP Programming

Unit 1 : TCP/IP Programming Concepts

Client Server Communication, Designing Client/Server Programs, Socket Concepts, IP Address and Ports, Byte Ordering, Sketch of Networking Connection, Active and Passive Sockets, Socket Fundamentals, Networking Example

Unit 2 : Socket Interface

Elementary Socket System Calls, Socket System Call, Bind System Call, Connect System Call, Listen System Call, Accept System Call, Elementary Data Transfer Calls, Closing a Socket, TCP and UDP Architectures, Networking Example

Unit 3 : Socket Programming

Advance System call, Data Transfer, Byte Operations and Addressing, Socket Options, Select System Call Raw Socket, Multiple Recipients, Unicasting, Broadcasting, Multicasting, Quality of Service Issues

BLOCK 3: Network Administration Using Linux

Unit 1 : Introduction to Network Administration

Role and responsibilities of Network Administrator, Linux and TCP/IP Internetworking concepts, Using Network Clients ,Understanding System Initialization ,Use Remote Administration Services and Tools

Unit 2 : Network Administration Activities

Managing software packages and File systems, Managing users, System and kernel management Basic Troubleshooting

Unit 3 : Network Configuration and Setting

Configuring Networks, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, Domain Name System (DNS), Network File System (NFS), Web Server (Prefer Samba Server)

Unit 4 : Network Management and Security

Networks and Security, User Security Management, Disk Security Management, Security Configuration and Analysis, Account Policies, Permissions and Restrictions, Configuring Network Settings, Advance Troubleshooting