BCS-051: Introduction to Software Engineering

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BLOCK 1: Development of SRS

Unit 1 : Characteristics of SRS

Completeness, Unambiguity, Inconsistency, IEEE SRS

Unit 2 : Function oriented Modeling

DFD, ERD, Structure Chart, SRS, Data Dictionaries

Unit 3 : Object Oriented Modeling

UML Introduction, Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams

BLOCK 2: Design and Testing

Unit 1 : Function Oriented Design

Constructing solution to problem, Identifying components and their interaction, Visualizing the solution, Characteristics of a good function oriented design (Coupling, Cohesion etc.)

Unit 2 : Object Oriented Design

Identification & Specification problem domain static objects, Working out the application logic objects, Identification of necessary utility objects, Methodology of identification of objects, Case Study 45

Unit 3 : Testing Techniques

Different testing techniques with examples

Unit 4 : Development and Execution of Test Cases

Debugging, Testing tools & Environments, Types of test cases and test plans

BLOCK 3: Software Engineering Concepts

Unit 1 : Software Development Models

Program vs Software ,Definition of Software Engineering, SDLC models

Unit 2 : Software Project Management Concepts

Planning, Execution, Monitoring, Control of Software Projects, Software Metrics, Application of PERT and GANTT charts

Unit 3 : Software Engineering Fundamentals

Software Configuration Management, Software Maintenance, Software Quality Assurance