BCS-031:Programming in C++

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BLOCK 1: Basics of Object Oriented Programming & C++

Unit 1 : Object Oriented Programming

Structured vs. Object Oriented Programming, Object Oriented Programming Concepts, Benefits of Object oriented programming, Object Oriented Languages.

Unit 2 : Introduction to C++

Genesis of C++, Structure of a C++ program, Data Types, Operators and Control Structures.

Unit 3 : Objects and Classes

Classification, Defining Classes, Encapsulation, Instantiating Objects, Member Functions, Accessibility labels, Static Members.

Unit 4 : Constructors and Destructors

Purpose of Constructors, Default Constructor, Parameterized Constructors, Copy Constructor, Destructor, Memory Management.

BLOCK 2: Inheritance and Polymorphism in C++

Unit 1 : Inheritance

Concept of Reusability, Types of Inheritance, Single and Multiple Inheritance, Multilevel Inheritance.

Unit 2 : Operator Overloading

Function and Operator Overloading, Overloading Unary and Binary Operators.

Unit 3 : Polymorphism and Virtual Function

Abstract Class, Function Overriding, Dynamic Binding, Pure Virtual Functions.

BLOCK 3: Advanced Features of C++

Unit 1 : Streams and Files

Stream Classes, Types of I/O, Formatting Outputs, File Pointers, Buffer.

Unit 2 : Templates and STL

Function and Class Templates, Use of Templates, Standard Template Library.

Unit 3 : Exception Handling

Exceptions in C++ Programs, Try and Catch Expressions, Exceptions with arguments.

Unit 4 : Case Study

A Case Study to implement a real world problem.