BCS-011: Computer Basics and PC Software

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BLOCK 1: Basics of Computer Hardware

Unit 1 : Computer their Origin and Applications

A bit of history highlighting the concepts, Abacas, Difference Engine, Electro-magnetic Computers, Discrete components, IC circuits, Current hardware Platforms, Description of current applications of computer highlighting role of computers, Limitations of Computers

Unit 2 : Functioning of a Computer

Components of a computer and their role, Number system, Codes ASCII Unicode Concept of Instruction, a simple example, Role of ALU and CU with the help of an example

Unit 3 : Memory System

Type of memories and their characteristics, What is the need of memory hierarchy? Memory Hierarchy with examples of each level , Current trends in memory

Unit 4 : I/O devices and their functions

I/O devices, Current trends in I/O

Unit 5 : My Personal Computer

Explain the configuration of PC and its components in respect of identification of various components so that a student can relate all the terms discussed in Unit 1 to 4 to this configuration.

BLOCK 2: Basics of Computer Software

Unit 1 : Software Evolution

Different type of software and its evolution, System and application software, Utility software, Perverse software, Open Source software

Unit 2 : Operating System Concepts

Need and Functions, Type of OS starting from Batch, Multi-programming and real time Network and distributed OS, Web OS, Examples of OS and their features

Unit 3 : Concept of Programming Languages

Some basic constructs, Editors, Compilers and interpreters, Assemblers

Unit 4 : Computer Applications

Concepts of Open Source Software, Philosophy , licensing, copyright Project Management Software, Timesheet system, Office Applications, Word Processing . Creating a Memo for a number of people, Spreadsheet . Creating a sheet of Income & deduction and calculation of IT Database , a small application with data records, a form, a query and a report Email . Sending mail to a number of people in a group.

BLOCK 3: Internet Technologies

Unit 1 : Networking and Internet

Basic of Networking Concepts, Advantages of Networking, Basic model of Networks, Network Devices, TCP/IP, Web addresses, DNS, IP addresses,

Unit 2 : Web Applications I

Browsing, E-mail, Messenger/Chat

Unit 3 : Web Applications II

Blogging, E-Learning and wiki, Collaboration, Social Networking