MSW 1 (Origin and Development of Social Work) 

MSW 2 (Professional Social Work: Indian Perspectives) 

MSW 5 (Social Work Practicum and Supervision) 

MSWL 1 (Social Work Practicum-I (Practical) 

MSW 7 (Casework and Counselling: Working with Individuals) 

MSW 8 (Social Group Work: Working with Groups) 

MSW 9 (Community Organisation Management for Community Development) 

MSWL 2 (Social Work Practicum-II (Practical) 

MSWE 1 (HIV/AIDS: Stigma, Discrimination and Prevention) 

MSWE 2 (Women & Child Development) 

MSWE 3 (Disaster Management) 

MSW 10 (Introduction to Philanthropic Social Work) 

MSWP 1 (Dissertation (Project work)