BCSP-064 Common Viva Question

Java and JSP

  1. What are the properties of OOP (Object Oriented Programming).
  2. What is the full form of JAVA.
  3. What is JVM. Why java is platform independent?
  4. What is class and Object.
  5. In System.out.println() statement what is System, out and println.
  6. What is difference between method overloading and method overriding.
  7. Which type of inheritance is not supported in java.
  8. Write Steps for connecting java and mysql.
  9. Difference between Servlet and JSP.
  10. Define Client/server architecture.
  11. 2-Tier and 3- Tier architecture?


  1. DML Command
  2. DDL Commnad
  3. Primary Key, Candidate Key and  Foreign Key
  4. SQL command for Creating table, inserting record and display records.



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