BCSL-021 Solved C Programming Lab Assignment | Session 1

These lab assignments are collected from IGNOU lab assignment book BCSL-021. Solve these questions yourself then read the solutions presented here.

C Lab Assignment | BCSL-021

Session 1:

Exercise 1. Develop algorithm, flowchart and write an interactive program to calculate simple interest and compound interest.

Exercise 2. Design a flow chart and write an interactive program for the problem given below:
Assume that the United States of America uses the following income tax code formula for their annual income:
First US$ 5000 of income : 0% tax
Next US$ 10,000 of income : 10% tax
Next US$ 20,000 of income : 15% tax
An amount above US$ 35,000 : 20% tax.

For example, somebody earning US$ 38,000 annually would owe US$ 5000 X 0.00 + 10,000 X 0.10 + 20,000 X 0.15 + 3,000 X 0.20,
which comes to US$ 4600. Write a program that uses a loop to input the income and calculate and report the owed tax amount. Make sure that your calculation is mathematically accurate and that truncation errors are eliminated.

Exercise 3. Design a flowchart and write an interactive program that reads in integers until a 0 is entered. If it encounters 0 as input, then it should display:

  • the total number of even and odd integers
  • average value of even integers
  • Average value of odd integers.

Note: Use switch statement for selection.

Exercise 4. Write an interactive program to generate the divisors of a given integer.

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