Author: D.R.Singh

Bitwise Shift Operators in C++

 Bitwise Operators All data is represented internally by computers as sequences of bits. Each bit can assume the value 0 or the value 1. On most systems, a sequence of 8 bits forms a byte the standard storage unit for a variable of type char. Other data types are stored in larger numbers of bytes.Read More

Java Revision Notes – IGNOU MCS-024

UNIT – 1 & 2 1. Paradigms of Programming Languages The term paradigm describes a set of techniques, methods, theories and standards that together represent a way of thinking for problem solving. The language paradigms are divided into two parts, imperative and declarative paradigms. Imperative languages can be further classified into procedural and object orientedRead More

Download Hall Ticket for IGNOU TEE December 2016

IGNOU Hall Ticket/Admit Card for December 2016 Exam will be available on the following link after 22nd of November 2016. Students those has filled the exam form of following exam can download the hall ticket. List of programs : ACISE, ACPDM, ASSO, BAAVFX, BACT, BAIHA, BBARL, BCA, BCOMAF, BCOMCAA, BCOMFCA, BDP, BED, BEDSE, BEDSEHI, BEDSEMR,Read More

IGNOU Result and Grade Card for June 2016 TEE

IGNOU announced results for exam conducted in the month of June 2016 Term end exam. You can check the result by clicking on following link. Term End Result : check result for all programs Grade Card : BCA/MCA/MP/MPB For Other Programmes Re-Evaluation The request for re-evaluation by the student must be made within one monthRead More